Over the course of the CERT program you’ll learn the most up to date information through hands-on training in basic disaster preparedness, use of a fire extinguisher, disaster medical care, first aid training, search and rescue techniques, communicating through FRS radios and neighborhood team building. Participants of the program will learn lifesaving skills, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number.  Each of the CERT modules (except Radios) is covered in the Participant Manual, and will be fully illustrated and explained during the class. (The radios class has a separate handout of information).
Please review each Chapter in your Participant Manual before each class. That way you will be familiar with the topic and ready with any questions you may have for the Instructor.

The last class of the series will be a Skills Day. During this extended Saturday class, students will get a chance to practice and demonstrate the individual skills they learned in class, in front of a member of Foster City CERT who has qualified as an Instructor for that skill. This is a very full and fun day, and includes your Graduation ceremony and presentation of your membership credentials and CERT equipment backpack.