Foster City is divided into 3 Areas (A, B and C). Each area is comprised of 3 Neighborhoods, for a total of 9 Neighborhoods (1 through 9). Each of the 9 neighborhoods has a Neighborhood Team Leader and each of the 3 Areas has an Area Coordinator.

CERT members direct questions or requests to their Neighborhood Team Leader, who will pass them up to their Area Coordinator for delivery to the CERT Coordinator at the Fire Department. Area Coordinators will receive updates and other CERT information from the CERT Coordinator and pass it along to the Neighborhood Team Leaders, for distribution to their individual members.

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Area A

Coordinator: John Chamberlain

Neighborhood One

Neighborhood Team Leader: Kari Dahl

Neighborhood Two

Neighborhood Team Leaders: Sue Asmar

Neighborhood Three

Neighborhood Team Leaders: Tony Morin

Area B

Coordinator: Karin Patterson

Neighborhood Four

Neighborhood Team Leaders: Michael Radovancevich, Tom Budd

Neighborhoods Five & Six

Neighborhood Team Leaders: Larry Shaw, Cathy Keys

Area C

Coordinator: Henry Surya

Neighborhoods Seven and Eight

Neighborhood Team Leader: Henry Surya

Neighborhood Nine

Neighborhood Team Leaders: Regina Trapp