July was a very busy month for Foster City CERT, and the Consolidated CERT program in general.

The month began with the staffing of a CERT Information and First Aid booth at Ryan Park for the July Fourth celebrations. Volunteers were kept busy answering questions about CERT, and thankfully, no injuries were reported. Many thanks go to Maria Vorobiev, Silvia Pratt, Diane Miller and Stephen Buchner. As night fell on July fourth, CERT assisted Fire and Police Departments by doing patrols around the lake, helping to spot and report illegal fireworks and other activity. Thanks go to Karin Patterson and Michael Radovancevich for running this operation with their volunteers.

Karin and Michael again took the lead on July 10, teaching a Radios class in the EOC. The class was very well received (Get it?)…

On Saturday 7/21, residents of Area-B gathered for an Activation Drill in Farragut Park. The drill went very well, with over 26 people taking park. This was the second of three planned Activation Drills in Foster City for 2018, and we look forward to one more drill this year; this time a night-time activation drill on September 15th.

At the same time as all these activities were taking place, we were also teaching a CERT series of classes, this time for employees of VISA and Gilead Sciences Corporations. My co-instructor for these classes was Karen Dyckman, and she did a fantastic job, as usual. Many Thanksto Karen for all her dedication and hard work for CERT! We held a very successful Skills Day event on July 29 which got rave reviews. Thanks to Wayne Weathers and all the rest of the folks who helped make it such a success.

Merger News: The anticipated launch date for the new Consolidated Fire Department of July 1 has been delayed due to problems with CalPERS, but it looks like all is getting resolved and we will continue to march forward towards merging together with our friends in San Mateo and Belmont in the beginning of the new year. This works in our favor, since there are so many details yet to be worked out. Much work has been done, and is still being done, to ensure that the organization we create is the best we can make it.

In combining the wishes of all 3 CERTs, the decision has been made to reduce the minimum number of events to which a member must participate to 2 again, one of which must be a Skills Day. This new rule takes effect on January 1, 2019, but no member will be in any way penalized if they do not complete their 4 events this year!

There will be more details about membership coming soon, so stand by.


Brad Davis

CERT Program Coordinator