For a short Month, February sure packed a solid punch! The CERT program kicked into gear with 2 different series of new CERT classes. One class was the regular night-time series of classes, with 30 people signed up. The other class was a special one just for employees of Foster City. This class is being held in the afternoon, one day every two weeks. Between those CERT classes, a Get Ready! class, a CPR class, a Traffic Control class, a Map and Compass class and a Triage and Treatment drill for our Gilead squad, members had a huge choice of activities to choose from in February.

Special thanks go out to Ann Lindeen and, as always, Claire Davis for huge and ongoing production support through the month. Also need to give a shout out to Karen and Dan Dyckman, Phil Sandeville and Deborah Wilder for stepping up to help out in February.

Are you registered into our new Neon system yet? That’s the best way to see what’s coming up on the training calendar, and keep abreast of your participation hours and events. If you are not registered yet, contact Brad for username and password information.

In March we are offering a Radios training on the 6th, a Lifts and Carries class on March 17th, and a Skills Day event on March 31. Make sure you are up-to0-date with your skills and knowledge by attending some of these events. Besides, it’s fun to see fellow team members!

There is lots of planning going on, as we move closer to joining forces with our neighboring CERT members in San Mateo and Belmont. These are very exciting times- Stay tuned for more news!