Greetings, CERT members!

The end of 2017 marks the expiration date for most members’ ID cards. This year FC CERT members had a choice of 46 different meetings, events or trainings to take part in. I’m pleased to report CERT members put in a total of 2,725 hours of participation. A previously established requirement for maintaining Active Membership on the CERT team has been to attend a minimum of 2 events per year. If you did not attend 2 events in 2017, and your ID card expires on 12/31/2017, we sincerely thank you for taking part in the program and for your service and support in the past. We wish you well as a CERT graduate in your local community, and trust you will be there to help your family and neighbors during a crisis. The Spirit of CERT lives on in you! However, you will no longer be registered with the City of Foster City as a Disaster Service Worker. You may keep the CERT backpack of equipment you were issued upon graduation, but we ask you to return your ID card, which is the property of Foster City.

In order to return to Active membership of FC CERT once expired, it will be necessary to re-take the CERT course, including Skills Day.

Important Note! Membership requirements for 2018 onward: We will be hosting 40+ meetings, trainings or events during 2018, and we ask that all members attend a minimum of 4 events, meetings, trainings or drills in 2018. These 4 events must accrue a total of 10 hours minimum. We feel confident that there will be ample opportunity for all members to participate in their team’s activities and easily fulfill this requirement.

Also, I’m very pleased to announce we will be launching a new membership management software system in January called NEON. With the NEON system we can keep a very accurate record of each member’s contact information, event participation and hours and, best of all, it is member-accessible so that everyone can keep up-to-date with what is happening in CERT and what we have done through the year.

We will be sending out emails inviting current CERT members to join NEON by going to the Membership Portal and creating a Log-in and Username. Personal information is kept strictly private, as the only person administering the system is the CERT Coordinator.

I am very excited about the new system. It is something we have been wanting for a very long time, as members often want updates on their activities during the year. Now they will be able to get it online.

To finish, I want to say that Foster City has the reputation of having one of the finest CERT groups in Northern California. We will keep that great reputation alive through valuable continuing education, great fun events and a strong spirit of Neighbor Helping Neighbor.

Please join me in making this upcoming year the best ever! Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have. (