I would like to acknowledge and introduce publically the Foster City CERT Management Team. The team is made up of long-time CERT members Karen Dyckman, Karin Patterson, Ruth Sieber, Wayne Weathers and Mike McCarthy.
Together, we meet monthly to discuss issues, events and ideas. They help me understand the history of the way things have been done in the past, and I introduce them to new concepts and ideas, so they can help get the new stuff integrated into the team.

Coming from an ICS standpoint, Wayne is our Operations Coordinator. With his knowledge, history and experience he is in an excellent place to help develop the response capability of the team. (Remember, Operations is the “Doing Stuff” part of the org chart). He also makes awesome Chili!

Supporting Ops is Logistics, and as the team continues to expand its equipment cache we have someone who has been handling that since the beginning. Mike McCarthy is our Logistics Coordinator, and with Mike is Willy Orbino, as always, as these two guys are joined at the hip!

One area I want to develop in CERT is the awareness within the community of what CERT is doing. We will benefit greatly from having a Public Information Officer or PIO, and Ruth Seiber will be handling that for us. We can look forward to greater visibility of the team in the media, as well as better information internally in the form of regular newsletters and information briefings from Ruth.

Another important area of team development is communications. We will be increasingly moving over to using ham radio for our communications, both across town, back to the EOC and across the County. Our cornerstone person for radio communications is Karin Patterson, who manages the radio side of the house, and is also Chair the FC ARES group.

The Management Team is very lucky to have the talents of Karen Dyckman. As our Coordinator of Continuing Education, her role expands as our training course load expands. Expect to see many more training options in the future. You are not expected to come to them all, but it’s nice to know there is a great choice of activities you can take part in. Karen, like the others, also provides a wealth of knowledge of the team and its history, which again I am so grateful for.

The intention of the Management Team and myself is to do the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Team Members!

By the way, remember that you must participate in a minimum of two trainings or meetings per year in order to remain a member in good standing. As there are only 4 months to year end, it’s time to make sure you have met your minimums in order to continue with the team.